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elektroThing is integrating electronics and firmware solutions to create ready-to-use open-sourced products AKA "things" to improve access and literacy of these technologies and design engineering.

Who am I

I am an Information and Computer Engineer with experience in algorithm development (ML and CV), PCBA design, systems integration, and signal processing. I have a Master of Engineering from the University of Cambridge and have over 4 years working in the tech industry creating solutions for Fortune 500 companies. I am also a Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology and am certified IPC CID.

My key areas of expertise (not limited to) are:

  • Designing embedded PCBA for Proof-of-Principle and mass manufacture. - Altium and KiCad.
  • Writing firmware and drivers for embedded systems in C and C++ - STM, Nordic and ESP.
  • Developing signal processing, computer vision, and machine learning algorithms in Python and MATLAB.

I am sponsored by JLCPCB since March 2022, SeeedStudio since November 2022, Espressif since December 2022 and have been an active contributor on Hackaday, Hackster and Reddit. I have also been selling my finished designs on Tindie store since May 2022. 

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