Masa is intended to be a fully customisable clock that can be used to display more than just time. Some of the ideas we have brainstormed are, weather, stocks and even linking it to your smartphone as a notifier (each "display" could show a different App - e.g. WhatsApp, News, etc.). We wanted to create something that isn't just a screen but also preserves some of the convinience and clarity that they provide. Especially as something to have in your room, looking at it day in, day out, you'd want it to be easy on the eyes as well as adapt to your enviroment.  Perhaps even by using the sensors and some help from the guys over at Edge Impulse, it could nudge us towards better living. 


Tracer provides reliable, high-performance, and cost-efficient tracking of objects for various applications. 

Tracer can be easily mounted using a high-quality velcro strap, allowing it to be fastened on the bicycle's frame for lean and cadence tracking or even the neck of a tennis racquet to count the number of strokes and potentially differentiate between topspin and slice. 


Turn your pot into an automated plant watering and lighting system!

The Plant Bot is an open-source ESP32-based project that allows for a single PCB to perform the function of sensing moisture levels, watering, providing illumination as well as controlling & communicate with the user over WiFi/BLE.


FLORA is an easy-to-use prototyping platform that makes it possible to create designs to improve the efficiency of your garden or greenhouse. 

It is built around an ESP32 SoC with a powerful processing core and supports WiFi, BLE, and LoRa via an onboard LoRa module. It has an ambient sensor and connectors for a soil moisture sensor.


The DS-Pi is an open-source RP2040-based audio digital signal processing platform that can be used to perform filtering and other DSP processes on audio inputs and outputs. It leverages the low-cost and highly accessible platform that is the RP2040 and a powerful audio codec from Texas Instruments, the TLV320AIC3254.


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